HR Lab, the HR data repository

All your HR files stored in one place for peace of mind

Busy HR teams need slick storage and efficient access to essential HR documents, at any time of the day or week, day or night.

HR Lab is a repository of almost every HR document you will need, including policies, letter templates, SOP’s, newsletters, scripts, forms and more.

Your PDF employee handbook and contract template will be uploaded here also as well as any other documents you want such as return to work forms and leave requests. 

HR Lab is digital to meet 24-hour business demands

HR Lab is digital.

You can access HR documentation at the time you need it most.

Operating as a library full of your company documentation, we can upload your files and likewise you can add your own bespoke information.

How to use HR Lab

We simply send you an admin rights email with your personal log in details, this will give you admin access and you will be able to share with your teams too. Once you click the link, you will have access to create your own password. You do not need to do any setting up, your handbook and HR Lab documents will already be on there, ready to use!

Benefits of using HR Lab

HR Lab stores all your essential HR data and can make onboarding easier for new team members.

All your files are in one place while making sure that there isn’t missing information or duplicates.

HR Lab makes it much simpler for your teams to collaborate. This makes for far less confusion and much more time spent working together.

HR Lab is a HR data repository. Your HR data will always be in one centralised location. It’s best for your team to have a single source of hr governance for everything.

HR Lab is one HR repository. Centralised, easy-to-manage location for your HR teams and nontechnical users to have speedy access to all the HR management and compliance documentation in one convenient place.

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