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Office Manager

Lives with Rob and has no pets, but you could say I am surrogate Mum to Stella our office dog aka ‘Office Queen’ she is part of our team and has her own little character. 

Favourite weekend activities.
I love watching movies, especially James Bond. Horse racing is a passion and I enjoy going to Race Days as well as catching up with friends.

Favourite thing about HR.
Listening to our team all work together to find solutions for our clients. Every day is a new day that brings a new set of challenges, some small and some need lots of support.

Previous work experience & qualifications.
I have worked at Corus, Tata and SSI UK. Working within a large HR department I was managing, staff benefits, payroll and training – so there’s not much I have not seen in HR.

Your favourite things.
Family, friends near and far, a nice malt whisky and Daniel Craig as company (wishful thinking!).

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