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HR and managing people is one of those things that every business owner or leader needs to pick up at some point. Ensuring you are looking after both your business and treating your employees fairly, consistently and in line with the law is where confusion and doubt can creep in! Book a free HR audit session with us, and we’ll quickly help you review where your spot on with HR, and where you might want to look to improve.

“After HR tormenting our top-level workforce for so long, we were more than pleased when HR Alchemy came onboard. The customer service and more specifically, response time to queries has been fantastic - which is paramount in those scenarios needing a quick 'official' reply. The experience we now have on our side is very reassuring and comforting as a business knowing the direction we take is the right one. Without meaning to sound ignorant or offensive, we don't care to be 'good' at HR, we're a fast growing company and as I'm sure most do, we see it as a distraction and could very easily make the wrong decision costing us further down the line. We would much rather outsource and leave it to professionals who stay current with compliance and law meaning we can just do our 'thing'.”

Lee Mableson, Managing Director at Mabo.